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Intro of Guruji and Intro of Swaminiji


Info of VM Head Office & Branches (Further Links for Addresses & Committees of VM-Mumbai, VM-Ahmedabad, VM-Indore, VM-Lucknow, VM-New Delhi, and VM-Sitapur)


Kinds of Programs, and Forthcoming Programs


'Vedanta Sandesh' - the monthly e-zine (Further Links for all issues of VS), Index of 'Letters of Guruji', (Further Links for 10 Volumes of Letters of Guruji), Index of 'Snippits from Lists' (Further Links for 4 volumes of Snippits from Lists), Hindu Scriptures, Vedanta Articles, Tattva Bodha-1, Quotes of Guruji, Photo Albums (Links for 6 Photo Albums), Audio Tapes, and Video Tapes

  Mailing Lists

Vmission List and Arjunas List

  Ashram Page

History, Routine, Courses, Functions, Management, Guests, Support,


MissionPage, Guruji'sPage, Swaminiji'sPage, Sankara Page, Publications & Ashram Album

  Guruji's Page

Introduction, Mission, Ashram, Publications & Photo Album

  Swaminiji's Page

Introduction, Mission, Ashram, Swaminiji's Album

  Adi Sankara Page

Life of Sankara, Works, Message, TattvaBodha Lessons, Mission

  Stress Management -.--Page

Home Page, Introduction of SwAtma's HSM, Why a SM package?, Five Noble Truths of Stress, Stress Defined, Understanding Stress, Stress induced illness, Stress symptoms, Are you burning out ?, Stages of Stress, Know your stressors, Three 'Types' of people, Managing Stress - the Holistic way, Bhagwad Gita & Stress Management, Organising Workshop, Photos / Remarks of our earlier Programs

  VM-Mumbai Page

History, Objectives, Management, (Further Links on personal intro of Sh.Avinash Dutta, Sh.Mohan Lala, Sh.Gul Malani, and Sh.Chandru Kukreja) Membership, Support, Programs, (Bhajan Sandhya) Photo Albums (Mahayagna, VS Archana, and Stress Workshop), Member's Page.

  VM-Lucknow Page

Home, VM-Lko Photos

  Photo Albums

Swami Dayananda, Guruji's Album, Swaminiji's Album, Ashram Album, Mahayagna Album, V.Sahasranama Archana Album, Stress Workshop Album, Lucknow Yagna Photos, VM-Indore Photos

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