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Seven Steps to

Right & Quick Decision Making

(Based on Bhagwad Gita)

By Swami Atmananda Saraswati



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1. A Bubbling Enthusiasm



2. A Clear Goal



3. A Quiet Mind



4. The Best Knowledge



5. Objectivity



6. The Best Motivation



7. A Holistic Vision

- 1 -


(Bhagwad Gita - 18/26)

Have a Bubbling Enthusiasm

Bubbling enthusiasm to live a complete & successful life alone opens the floodgates for all learning & hardwork. It alone provides energy. So come what may, resolve to live a full life. Remain inspired & enthused to live a complete, healthy & successful life. Never let the drive die.

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- 2 -


(Bhagwad Gita - 18/10)

Have a Clear Goal

Have a clear goal which tickles your heart, attaining which you visualize yourself to be a fully contended man. Think Big. Never be a blind follower of the world, look within to discern your goal. What YOU want is important, because that alone will gaurantee your full involvement, integration & love. With the goal very clear the means will definitely be found and decisions will always be very easy to make.

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- 3 -


(Bhagwad Gita - 6/27)

Entertain a Quiet Mind

All decisions are taken by our minds. A quiet mind alone can be conscious of various aspects of any situation and it alone is free to act. An unquiet mind is a conditioned mind, it knows just to react - only to regeret later. It is never free. If necessary sleep over the problem to to have a re-look at it with a quiet mind. Never decide on anything impulsively, take your own time, see its different facets and then - act decisively. Take out some time daily for proper relaxation & meditation.

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- 4 -


(Bhagwad Gita - 2/49)

Get the Best Knowledge

Always remember right knowledge is the greatest of all powers. Cultivate an inquisitive mind. Remain in touch with the latest. Always take out your time to study various good litrature. The most important of all is to understand your own Self - herein lies the greatest of all treasures. Be fully confident that with right understanding every problem can be turned into a mere situation or even a stepping stone.

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- 5 -


(Bhagwad Gita - 14/4)

Have Objectivity

Learn to stand apart & look at your life objectively. One who can stand apart sees the truth of anything immediately. Never react to fleeting pleasures or pains. Equanimity is the basis of all creativity & decision-making. Abiding in the fullness of your Self learn to remain untouched in & through all the situations, you will be able to take even big decisions easily & immediately.

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- 6 -


(Bhagwad Gita - 5/25)

Have the Best Motivation

Right motivation opens the floodgates of our potentials & perception. A person who is bogged down with his selfish considerations, insecurities and the choking sense of insuffeciency can never be expected to take right or big decisions. Egocentric motivations just gaurantee mediocrity. They will never take you to top. Join the exclusive club of those rare few who dare to live, think & feel for others. Enjoy serving & helping all you can - through your own profession. May LOVE for your work & the world be the source of your motivation.

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- 7 -


(Bhagwad Gita - 18/20)

Have a Holistic Vision

A fragmented vision dissipates our time & energy and also mars our perception. It brings baseless fears & insecurities, and is the main cause of the sense of limitation and the subsequent egocentricity. Base your life on facts, and be blessed with the perception of truth, a sense of fullness and love. With a mind which can see all the aspects of a situation simultaneously, every decision cannot but be spontaneously right.

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